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        To Create The World's Leading Valve Business

        BOTELI Valve Group is located in the birthplace of China's private economy, Wenzhou's "Pudong" - "China's valve town" Oubei, is set valve development, production, sales and service in one of the non-regional industry groups. Group since its inception in 1998, after all the efforts of Burti hard work, to achieve a leap-forward development.

        About Boteli

        Boteli Valve Group, founded in 1998 with focus on manufacturing industry valves, including cast and forged steel ball valves, gate valves...

        Production Equipments

        Group established in 1998 to this day, with all the hard efforts of the boteli people, we realize the great-leap-forward development. The group has now over 1000 employees among whom 140 are holding intermediate and senior titles and 80% are professional in different technology pump and valves, is the real valve industry talent "Silicon Valley".
        After over 10 years three stages of innovation and development, the group striding forward. In recent years, the Boteli Group continued to increase hardware and software investment, with international advanced flexible production lines, machining centers, large CNC vertical lathe, CNC machine tools, and other plasma welding, overclocking vacuum heat treatment equipment, CNC Spherical Grinder, spherical special machine tools sophisticated equipment.

        Corporate Culture

        Boteli evolved from word of "house of God" in Bible, meaning grateful, happy and dedication spirit of Boteli people. It embodies the Boteli's ...


        After-sale service
        The company gives advices and suggestions to user according to the needs of various industries: provides various product standards, raw materials, inspect and test methods, standard and technology consultation according to user requirements; provides manufacturing according to buyer's sample, customizing of non-standard product, such as ultra short / long series, ultra high pressure / ultra-low vacuum series; provides company qualifications and credit proof, list company's large user and application engineering performance etc.


        After development of 14 years, today the company supplies products to more than 30 countries and regions in the world and becomes one of the leading suppliers of industrial valves in China.

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        If you have questions, our quick-response customer support is here for you.

        Contact Us
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